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The Westerleigh Tennis Club (WTC) beginnings are rooted in the area we now know as Westerleigh.

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The Club was established and named in April 1910 and currently operates as a 501(c)7 nonprofit organization. The Club was formed to promote tennis and social activities for its members, as as well as promote the social welfare of our local community. Members are encouraged to contribute to the betterment of the Club and are required to follow the Club rules and courtesies as they participate in all our activities.

The Club is open to all individuals, regardless of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin or sexual orientation, subject to limitations on the number of memberships.

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The Club has 3 clay courts, a clubhouse and a parking lot. There are no lights so tennis is played during daylight hours. The tennis season runs from Spring to Fall.

Westerleigh Tennis Club Staten Island